ZYPE Design: Research and Experiments

This is a storage place for experiments and research completed at ZYPE Design over the years. Like all good research some worked, some didn't, and some probably shouldn't be shown the light of day but it all helped guide ideas in some form.

All working files are usually provided and are free for use. Have fun.

Date Description Technology Files
2023-04-17 A simple calculator for material costs in a makerspace Web, CSS, jQuery Calculator, All files (.zip)
2022-02-16 A simple editable D&D style character sheet. Web, CSS Example, All files (.zip)
2018-03-01 A simple comic layout using CSS Grid. Web, CSS Example, All files (.zip)
2017-07-24 A simple template to test CSS Grid. Web, CSS Template, All files (.zip)
2013-05-27 A web interface using CSS and jQuery to create simple responses to screen size and scrolling. Web, CSS, jQuery Template, All files (.tar.gz), All files (.zip)
2010-03-15 SVG Graph created via XSL using XML content. SVG originally built in Inkscape. SVG, XML, XSL XML, XSL, SVG (Inkscape), All files
2012-12-04 Ninja animation using the Spritely jQuery library. Images built in Inkscape and Gimp. jQuery Animation, All files
2012-04-26 A concept interface for the MythWeb part of MythTV Gimp, Inkscape MythWeb concept, MythWeb Icons (.svg), All Files
2011-05-09 Experiments with various CSS3 declarations. CSS Example, All Files
2011-04-19 A CSS3 menu that looks like a flower. CSS Example, All Files
2011-03-15 An experiment with media queries and other CSS3 techniques CSS Example, All Files
2011-03-15 Simple jquery transitions: resizing, opacity jQuery Example, All files
2011-03-15 Simple jquery accordion jQuery Example, All files
2011-03-15 Simple jquery show/hide effect jQuery Example, All files
2010-03-15 Slightly odd Free and Open Source Software logo built in Inkscape SVG, Inkscape .svg, .png
2011-03-15 Experimenting with glowy glass ball things with chrome and reflections Gimp, .xcf .jpg, All Files
2010-06-23 A coffee tamper created in Inkscape Inkscape, SVG .svg
2011-07-19 Crazy owls picture. An attempt to create a cardboard cut out effect. Inkscape, SVG .svg
2010-11-26 A set of glassy spheres. Experimenting with lighting, shadows and multiple reflections. Inkscape, SVG .svg
2010-03-15 A 3D model of a teddy bear to demonstrate fur creation to students. Blender Render, All files
2005-04-19 A commando style game built in Gamemaker while completing teacher training. Gamemaker All files
2005-01-28 Concepts for a server monitoring dashboard Photoshop Concept 1, Concept 2, Concept 3
2004-04-15 Working file for animation intended for ZYPE web site Photoshop Screenshot, All files
2003-11-17 A demonstration of creating HTML tables from XML content via a XSL HTML, XML, XSL Template, All files
2003-10-13 An idea for a cartoon. Got the intro done and then moved on. Flash SWF, All files
2003-09-10 A sports draw for an inline hockey team created using XML/XSL to HTML HTML, CSS, XML, XSL Template, All files
2003-07-29 Presenting XML content in Flash Flash, XML SWF, XML
2003-07-20 Personal web site using XSL to parse XML content to HTML. Multiple visual styles. HTML, CSS, XML, XSL Style 1, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6
2003-06-12 Web layout experiment: large background image, randomly selected images HTML, CSS, JS Template, All files
2003-06-05 Interactive animation of the fourth floor of Kenton Chambers (demolished following the 2010-2011 quakes Flash, 3D SWF, All files
2003-05-31 Flash interactive animation using an old ZYPE logo Flash SWF, All files
2003-05-30 Concept for the first issue of a ZYPE web 'zine. Web Concept, All files
2003-05-21 Simple and unfinished Flash app that starred a ladybird. Flash SWF, All files
2003-02-14 Concepts and prototypes for a web based project management tool for web development companies - codenamed "BoltAction" HTML, CSS Concepts, Designers, Developers
2002-12-18 A Xmas special space invader game done in Flash. Flash SWF, All files
2002-10-03 A [slightly unfinished] skater game done in Flash. 'A' and 'S' in case you were wondering. Flash SWF, All files
2002-07-19 A cover for an intro CD of Open Source tools. Print Front Cover
2002-07-18 An initial set of templates for a workshop on CSS HTML, CSS Style 1, Style 2 ,All files
2002-07-17 Concepts for a simple web based project management system HTML, CSS Timesheet.xml, Invoice ,All files
2002-07-16 A plan and working files for a 3D game called Hovership 3D Screenshot, All files
2002-05-31 Creating HTML layouts from XML and XSL XML, XSL, XHTML HTML, XML, All files
2002-05-19 Creating HTML invoice list from XML and XSL XML, XSL, XHTML Template, All files
2002-05-13 Creating PDF invoices from XML and XSL XML, XSL, FOP Final PDF, All files
2002-05-11 FluffyPixel: resize the browser to align the divs into pixel art images. HTML, CSS FluffyPixel 1, FluffyPixel 2, FluffyPixel 3
2002-05-09 Experimental web layout playing with positioning, faking transparency and tiling. HTML, CSS Template
2002-05-07 Experimental web layout playing with lighting, tiling and hover states using javascript. HTML, CSS Template, All files
2002-05-05 Pulling a web layout and pixel art together. The aim was to gradually add to make a town. HTML, CSS, Photoshop Template, All files
2002-01-04 Web layout to switch with the Graffiti layout. HTML, CSS, Photoshop Template, All files
2002-01-04 Web layout based on a graffiti style. HTML, CSS, Photoshop Template, All files
2001-10-29 Created action figure packaging. Was meant to be a social statement, became an exercise in perspective and masking ... and then a web thing. HTML, CSS, Photoshop HTML, All files
2001-10-18 Initial ideas and working files for a Monster game Flash SWF, All files
2001-10-17 Experimenting with animated backgrounds and tiling backgrounds that are not uniform. HTML, CSS Template, All files
2001-02-15 A robot wandering around a room with interactive elements. Flash SWF, All files
2001-01-05 An unfinished idea involving robots and some sort of visual chat room Flash The plan, Concept, All files
2001-10-18 A flash based clock with digital and analogue faces Flash SWF, All files
2001-03-03 A flash based idea for my personal site. I like the wandering roboto. Flash SWF, All files
2000-05-08 My first decent personal site. 3D modelled logo and a load of tutorials, resources and my love of RGB colours. HTML The site
1996-10-12 My first web site. It worked in Netscape 2 and was rather independently built. HTML (sort of) The site