Nothing Doing

...when punks rule the earth

Current Joys

The things that keep me going on a day to day basis:

  • Growing spuds, carrots, spring onions and a optimistic attempt with water melons.
  • Summer appears to be here
  • Anything not related to work
  • A new bike
  • New t-shirt designs

The Music that is Playing Today

I picked up the Ramones anthology last weekend which is currently keeping me entertained. The Sex Pistols have also made a return.

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29 January, 2004
Oddly the Trouser Project is alive and well. Improving sewing skills and more ideas have led to the OUCH label. Oddly interesting.
3 January, 2004
After a flurry of activity I now have too many interfaces for the site to manage with a switcher. Easy solution, they are now being added to an archive.
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