This is a personal site so, while it's got some CV style information in here, a lot of it is really just meant for me. This section is a bit of a combination of the two so if it ceases to make sense about half way through or starts to wax lyrical about the benefits of me you will, hopefully, understand.

Education runs through the rather standard formal qualifications I have and the areas I've focused on for further developing my academic side.

Experience looks at what I've done during my working life. The rest simply doesn't bear mentioning really and certainly doesn't need space on the Web.

Approach is all about my view on design and the things that inspire me. Also a bit of a look at the way I deal with life in general. Nothing too serious and really just something I needed to write.

Other than that if there is anything that strikes you as interesting or anything you feel the need to discuss with me I'm usually interested in hearing about it.

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